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Baidu automatic driving training base

Based on the leading sensor fusion design scheme and the training and verification of massive data on the vehicle side, Baidu Apollo realizes the intelligent upgrade of automobiles and the multi-scenario application of unmanned driving. Safe and efficient urban transportation experience.

Support the data access of in-vehicle equipment, provide intelligent networking capabilities based on big data and artificial intelligence technology, realize the intelligent upgrade of automobiles, and make people's car life more intelligent.

The Beifang cooperated with Baidu to jointly research and co-create, jointly develop online courses of teaching materials and teaching aids, empower the intelligent network connection majors in colleges and universities across the country, and provide technical support and talent reserves for smart travel and vehicle-road collaboration.

Based on the three core parts of perception, control and execution, students will systematically learn interactive visual recognition system, satellite positioning and inertial navigation system, central task scheduling system planning and decision-making system, driving brain system, and vehicle driving system.


Success Case

  • CARI

  • Space Center

  • Baidu Apollo

  • Civil-Military Integration

  • Vocational education in Germany

  • International Education Union

  • Beijing Zhongzhi Beifang Education Technology

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