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Mercedes-Benz engine dynamic anatomy teaching aids

  Product name

  Mercedes-Benz engine dynamic anatomy teaching aids


  1. The original Mercedes-Benz six-cylinder in-line engine is used for CNC wire cutting, and the cutting surface is smooth and flat;

  2. In the spraying process, the cutting surface adopts the baking paint process to ensure the natural color transition and the paint surface is not easy to fade; the use of electroplating, grinding, high-pressure water sand jetting and other processes to remove the surface dirt and make the components beautiful and beautiful.

  3. The design of the steel frame structure is reasonable, the seamless welding process is adopted, the metal surface is treated with high temperature spraying, and the paint surface is firm.

  4. The box-type mobile cabinet is beautiful and elegant, and has a caster self-locking device. The layout of the center of gravity is reasonable, which is convenient for mobile teaching; it has a self-contained electrical safety protection device, which has a high safety factor.

  5. Deep anatomy, different color identification, detail display, overall demonstration.

  Training contents

  1. Understand the structural characteristics of Mercedes-Benz engines.

  2. Master the structure and working principle of the engine.

  3. Understand the key technologies of Mercedes-Benz engines.

  4. Master the structure of the four-stroke engine valve train and piston connecting rod mechanism.

  5. Through the operation demonstration, master the relevant knowledge of gas distribution phase.

  6. Master the composition and working principle of engine lubrication system and cooling system.


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