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Volkswagen Passat ABS training bench

  Product name

  Passat ABS training bench (Passat Magotan)


  The Passat ABS training bench adopts the ABS/ASR/ESP braking system of the new Volkswagen Passat B5 model as the main material. The ABS/ASR/ESP system can actually operate under various test conditions and is composed of two parts: the operation detection control panel bench. A real demonstration of the working process of the simulated ABS/ASR system. Through the demonstration of the training platform, the internal structure and function can be clearly understood, which is convenient for students to quickly grasp the structure and principle of the ABS/ASR system, improve the students' preliminary understanding of the ABS/ASR system, and enable students to understand the ABS/ASR system. For more intuitive and in-depth teaching purposes.

  1. Real-time pointer pressure gauge display of master cylinder oil pressure and sub-cylinder oil pressure;

  2. The working status of the hydraulic pump is displayed by LED lights;

  3. Color original car circuit schematic diagram, oil pressure schematic diagram

  4. The wheel speed is adjusted by the speed regulating motor;

  5. Automatic power-off protection device to avoid motor reverse drag and effectively protect electrical components;

  6. Dynamic demonstration of the ABS/ASR/ESP system, the ABS/ASR/ESP fault light of the instrument shows the fault;

  7. The external computer detection terminal is convenient for detecting circuit voltage or resistance;

  8. The OBD data output interface is convenient for testing by special testing instruments.

  9. The fault simulation system can simulate the actual operating conditions, and set up a variety of common faults in the ABS/ASR/ESP system of real vehicles. For details, please refer to the description of the fault simulation setting device.

  10. The base part of the training platform is welded with steel structure, the panel cabinet is stamped and formed, the panel cabinet and the base can be separated, and the surface of the bench is painted with a universal self-locking caster device.

  11. It can carry out practical training such as ABS/ASR/ESP braking system emptying and adjustment, system matching, etc.

  Specification (Technical parameter)

  Volume: 1200MMX1100MMX1750MM

  Weight: 450KG

  Power supply: 12V 65AH, 380V

  Training contents

  1. Composition and structure of Passat ABS system

  2. The working principle of Passat ABS system

  3. The working principle and fault diagnosis of the electronic control system of the Passat ABS system.

  4. Passat ABS system sensor and actuator detection and fault diagnosis.

  5. Self-diagnosis training of Passat ABS system

  6. System pressure detection and fault diagnosis of Passat ABS system.

  7. Refrigerant filling training of Passat ABS system

  8. The use and operation method of Passat ABS system.


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