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* Corolla Chassis System Training Platform

  Product name

  Corolla chassis system training platform


  The training platform is designed and developed based on the proportion of the original car structure, which meets the vocational education assessment standards and training projects, and can be integrated with the North's multi-integrated teaching platform (the teaching platform includes battery management system, main positive contactor, temperature sensor, high-voltage relay, etc. ; including fault setting device, data acquisition device, training guidance, etc.)


  Specification (Technical parameter)

  1. Dimensions: 4300×2100×1320mm (length×width×height)

  2. External power supply: AC 220V±10% 50Hz

  3. Working voltage: DC 400V

  4. Working temperature: -40℃~+50℃

  5. Low-voltage control power supply: DC12V

  6. Power battery type: ternary lithium power battery single battery

  7. Power battery pack capacity: 82kWh

  8. Working temperature: -20°~60

  Training contents

  Through this chassis, you can train the project:

  1. Detection and diagnosis of power battery pack

  1. Detection and diagnosis of battery management system

  2. Detection and diagnosis of voltage detection unit

  3. Detection and diagnosis of current sensor

  4. Detection and diagnosis of temperature sensor

  5. Detection and diagnosis of insulation detection module

  6. Detection and diagnosis of high-voltage control module

  2. Detection and diagnosis of electric steering system

  3. Cognition and disassembly of chassis system 4. Detection and diagnosis of electric air-conditioning system


Success Case

  • CARI

  • Space Center

  • Baidu Apollo

  • Civil-Military Integration

  • Vocational education in Germany

  • International Education Union

  • Beijing Zhongzhi Beifang Education Technology

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