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  Model (Type)



  A. The manipulator mechanism of the high-speed sorting system has the function of hardware protection

  B. Equipped with a variety of sensors

  C. Goal pursued: high speed and stability

  D. Adopt power supply fault-tolerant protection circuit


  Specification (Technical parameter)

  1. Dimensions: 1240 (length) × 720 (width) × 1300 (height) mm (drawer does not extend)

  2. Package size: 1340(L)×820(W)×1300(H) mm (remove the universal wheel)

  3. Net weight / gross weight: 112 Kg / 162 Kg

  4. The highest sorting speed: 20 times / minute

  5. Continuous automatic sorting operation time: 24 hours continuous sorting times: 28800 times/day

  6. Rated working power: AC: 220V 50 Hz Total power: 1.2 Kw

  7. Rated working air pressure: 0.3-0.4 MPa (with air pressure sensor)

  8. Working environment: temperature -10℃~35℃, relative humidity ≤85% (25℃)

  9. PLC controller model: Mitsubishi PLC: FX2N-48MR controller (with programming data line and programming software)

  10. Standard inverter: Panasonic VF100 Power: 0.4Kw (other inverters can be selected according to customer requirements)

  11. Touch screen: Weilun 7” TK6070ih

  12. Three-phase geared motor: 80YS25GY22 Rated voltage: 3×220V Power: 25W Reduction ratio: 1:15

  13. Silent air compressor: MB-550W-9 Rated voltage: 220V Power: 550W Displacement: 110L/min Pressure: 0.75MPa

  Training contents

  A. Installation and debugging of pneumatic system

  (1) Installation of pneumatic direction control circuit

  (2) Installation of pneumatic speed control circuit

  (3) Installation of pneumatic sequence control circuit

  (4) Installation of pneumatic manipulator

  (5) Connection of pneumatic system air circuit

  (6) Position adjustment of auto switch

  (7) Pneumatic system debugging

  (8) Installation of swing control circuit

  B. Installation and debugging of the inverter

  (1) The connection between the inverter and the main circuit of the AC motor

  (2) Parameter setting and operation of inverter panel

  (3) The inverter panel controls the speed regulation of the AC motor

  (4) Control the start and stop of the motor through the external terminals of the inverter

  C. Installation and debugging of electromechanical equipment

  (1) Adjustment of the coaxiality of the transmission

  (2) Installation and adjustment of belt conveyor

  (3) Installation and debugging of handling manipulator equipment

  (4) Installation and debugging of object sorting equipment

  (5) Installation and debugging of feeding equipment

  (6) Installation and debugging of automatic production line equipment

  D. Installation of electrical control circuit and PLC programming

  (1) The connection and programming of the motor forward and reverse control circuit

  (2) The connection and programming of the motor speed control circuit

  (3) Compilation of belt conveying detection program

  (4) Pneumatic sequential action control program writing

  (5) Pneumatic manipulator control program writing

  (6) Compilation of control program for mechatronics equipment

  (7) Programming of automatic production line control

  E. Installation and debugging of automatic control system

  (1) Installation and debugging of various sensors

  (2) Automatic control of belt conveying detection

  (3) Automatic control of manipulator

  (4) Automatic control of mechatronics

  (5) Installation and debugging of PLC control system

  (6) Installation and debugging of automatic production line

  F. Basic touch screen control and settings

  (1) Wiring and basic parameter setting of touch screen;

  (2) Basic instruction programming based on touch screen control mode

  (3) PLC, touch screen and inverter communication control.

  G. The use of communication engineering training (user optional configuration)

Success Case

  • CARI

  • Space Center

  • Baidu Apollo

  • Civil-Military Integration

  • Vocational education in Germany

  • International Education Union

  • Beijing Zhongzhi Beifang Education Technology

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