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High and low voltage power distribution experimental training device

  Product name

  High and low voltage power distribution experimental training device

  Model (Type)



  ①. The cabinet body is stamped and formed by thin steel plate, and adopts standardized design. The structural parts have strong versatility and high mechanical strength.

  ②. The upper part of the cabinet is the main busbar room, the front part is the electrical room, and the rear part is the cable inlet and outlet room. Each room is separated by steel plates or insulating plates to ensure safe use.

  3. The surface protective layer of the cabinet structural parts has a beautiful color and reliable quality.

  ④. Mechanical interlocking: The door of the drawer compartment of the GCK cabinet and the operating handle of the circuit breaker or isolating switch are equipped with mechanical interlocking, and the door can only be opened when the handle is in the breaking position to ensure safety.

  ⑤. The power receiving switch, the tie switch (in the case of multi-circuit power supply) and the drawer of the GCK cabinet have two positions: the on position and the off position.

  The complete set of training equipment for power supply and distribution technology includes a variety of GCK low-voltage electrical control cabinets to form a variety of distribution lines, and power distribution cabinets with a voltage level of 0.4 KV. Changed the screen test mode, close to the project site.

  Specification (Technical parameter)

  (1) Main technical parameter requirements

  ①、Rated insulation voltage: DC 660V

  ②、Rated working voltage: AC 380V

  ③、Rated working voltage of auxiliary circuit: AC 380V, 220V

  ④、Rated current of busbar: 100A

  ⑤、Rated current of branch bus: 10~16A;

  ⑥. Cabinet size: cabinet height: 2000mm, cabinet width: 600mm (800 mm), cabinet depth: 800mm

  Training contents

  1. Recognition experiment of high-voltage switchgear and its high-voltage electrical appliances

  2. Cognition experiment of low-voltage switchgear and its low-voltage electrical appliances

  3. Maintenance of vacuum circuit breaker

  4. Vacuum circuit breaker control experiment

  5. Maintenance of universal circuit breakers

  6. Maintenance of high voltage switchgear

  7. Maintenance of isolating switch

  8. Maintenance of voltage transformers

  9. Maintenance of current transformers

  10. Maintenance of high voltage fuse

  11. Maintenance of low-voltage circuit breakers

  12. Maintenance of plastic case circuit breakers

  13. Disassembly and maintenance of AC contactor


Success Case

  • CARI

  • Space Center

  • Baidu Apollo

  • Civil-Military Integration

  • Vocational education in Germany

  • International Education Union

  • Beijing Zhongzhi Beifang Education Technology

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