Integration of production and education

Cutting-edge facilities and equipment

BeiFang Teaching Aids R&D Center has a 13,000-square-meter automobile practice center, and ingeniously builds a high-quality platform for "production, teaching and research" in the field of smart cars; invests in the construction of unmanned, new energy, hybrid and other vehicle training bases, and independently develops a number of national patents , massive equipment for students to repeatedly disassemble and practice.

Provide a full set of textbooks

BeiFang Textbook Research and Development Center develops practical textbooks by itself, and the textbooks are updated regularly every year, so that students can always keep pace with the high-end technology of new energy unmanned driving. Adhere to the principle of being close to the market, close to employment, close to the industry, and close to students.

Free teacher training

There are strong and high-level teachers composed of auto repair experts, experienced auto maintenance technicians, and auto R&D personnel. The teaching method realizes the integration of technology and teaching, the integration of post-class and teaching, and the integration of production and education. If the partner lacks teachers, teachers from the north can be employed first, and then the teachers from the partner will be trained.

Companion online courses

Relying on strong teachers and teaching resources, Northern Vocational Education has carefully built a "smart vocational education" online course platform for students. Massive quality video courses such as practical operation of new energy vehicles, common faults and repairs of automobiles, and common sense of automobile maintenance are all available. The video diagnosis of technical experts guides the repair of automobiles, and comprehensively improves the skills of automobile repairing, mobile learning, and careers in the future!

School-enterprise training room model successful case

13000 ㎡ car training room

Automotive Industry Teaching and Research Science Popularization Cente

Automobile Culture Hall Exhibition Center

New energy vehicle training base

School-enterprise strategic cooperation

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BeiFang International Automobile Education

In the past 30 years, it has focused on the field of auto repair, and has opened more than 100 branch schools across the country; and has reached strategic partnerships with high school vocational colleges such as Baidu, China Automotive Research Institute, and 985/211.

Cooperation with CATARC(Tianjin) Automotive Engineering Research Institute

Rategic cooperation with the Aerospace Research Institute

Beifang teaching aids enter Tsinghua University

Bohai Shipping Vocational College

Liaocheng Technician College

Tongliao Vocational School

Tibet Vocational and Technical College

Xing'an Vocational and Technical College

Xuchang Technician College

Yan'an Vocational and Technical College

Zhengzhou Technician College

BeiFang Culinary Education

An educational base dedicated to cultivating "high-skilled + high-quality" comprehensive talents. Taking "promoting Chinese food culture" as its own responsibility, it will continue to explore and innovate to help students master superb cooking skills

Successfully signed a contract with Diaoyutai

Shijiazhuang Ping An Medical Secondary School

It is a full-time general medical school approved by the Ministry of Education. In 2008, the school has been rated as a key secondary school in Hebei Province. The facilities are well-equipped, covering medical experiments of various disciplines.

Beijing 301 Hospital

BeiFang Computer Education

Adhering to the school-running philosophy of "technology-oriented, learning first", it is committed to cultivating IT-skilled talents who are skilled in technology, management, and operation for enterprises/institutions.

Gaming Design

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