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BYD leaders visit our school for inspection!

On October 14, the leaders of BYD Automobile Headquarters visited the North Teaching Aids Department. Accompanied by the leaders of our school, leaders of BYD Automobile Company visited our school's 5G Science and Technology Museum, New Energy Training Workshop, Aobenbaohao Vehicle Training Workshop, Driverless Test Center, the four major auto repair laboratories in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, Auto beauty sheet metal spray painting training workshop, O2O entrepreneurial state store, etc.


During the visit, the leaders of BYD Automobile Company were attracted by the technological content and teaching functions of the automobile teaching equipment developed by our school, and said that our school has carried out a comprehensive analysis of automobile technology based on reality, and solved the tedious problem of hands-on operation in automobile teaching. , Through the self-developed car teaching equipment, it more intuitively shows the internal details of the car, so that the students can learn the car technology more comprehensively and systematically.

The leaders of BYD head office, through this field visit to our school, spoke highly of and fully affirmed our school's interns in BYD! Only a good school with strength can cultivate more elite talents in the automotive industry.


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