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Signed strategic cooperation with Baidu

On the afternoon of March 26, North Vocational Education and Baidu held a signing ceremony in Beijing. Chairman of North Vocational Education and Vice President of Baidu Intelligent Transportation jointly signed a strategic cooperation agreement. This strategic cooperation will combine Baidu's technological advantages and industrial practices in autonomous driving and intelligent transportation, relying on the vocational education ecosystem of Northern Vocational Education, give full play to the advantages of technology, experience and channels in the field of automotive vocational education, and jointly promote intelligent driving, intelligent The teaching and demonstration application of automobile in-service education colleges jointly implement the vocational education industry upgrading strategy.


In the past 30 years, Northern Vocational Education has developed into 100 vocational colleges all over the country, and has trained more than 400,000 auto repair technicians and technicians. It has systematic teaching aids, teaching materials, software, equipment research and development bases and teacher training bases with completely independent intellectual property rights, has an independent and complete research and development system, keeps up with the forefront of technological development trends, and has a wealth of vocational education online live broadcasts, recording and broadcasting online schools and technology Expert online video guidance car repair Q&A platform has trained a group of online celebrity teachers in the past two years. It has formed a four-in-one vocational education ecosystem of "production, teaching, research, and learning". It has thousands of national invention patents and is a well-known brand of automotive vocational education recognized by the industry.


In recent years, the Chinese government and provinces, cities and localities have successively issued relevant policies for intelligent transportation and autonomous driving testing, which have great market development potential. At the same time, there is a huge shortage of intelligent transportation and autonomous driving skills in my country.


This cooperation is an important measure for Baidu Apoo's intelligent driving research and development achievements to go to the society and enter the school. Both parties agreed that they will use their respective advantages to promote autonomous driving to a deeper and farther range. Through this cooperation, the two parties will actively promote the cooperation of "integration of production and education", jointly cultivate innovative, compound, and applied professional and technical personnel for the autonomous driving industry, and will also discuss more fields such as intelligent transportation, so as to improve the future of autonomous driving. A solid foundation has been laid for in-depth cooperation in multiple areas.


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