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* Turnkey projects, You set up auto repair major, everything is done by us

North Teaching Aids R&D Center was founded in 1993 and has been dedicated to automotive education equipment for nearly 30 years. With 13,000 square meters of automobile teaching aids production practice base and top technology research and development team, it is a leader in the overall solution of automobile teaching aids.

Introduce the German dual education system and combine the characteristics of China's vocational education to develop a curriculum system and educational equipment suitable for China's national conditions. It integrates R&D and intelligent manufacturing of automobile teaching aids, curriculum system design, preparation of a full set of teaching materials, supporting online courses, free teacher training, production and sales, and one-stop extended services to help run schools. In cooperation with China Automotive Technology Research Center and the Ministry of Education Department of Vocational Education, it provides a full set of customized solutions for automobile training rooms for hundreds of secondary and higher vocational colleges.

1. We are responsible for teacher team training

The teaching method realizes the integration of technicians and students (integration of teaching), integration of posts and courses (integration of posts and classes), and integration of resources and classrooms (integration of production and education). If the partner lacks teachers, the teacher from the north will give the teaching first, and the teacher from the partner can take up the post after training.

2. We are responsible for setting up a professional recruiting team

The school has established a three-dimensional employment recommendation system, and cooperates with many enterprises to recommend suitable jobs for graduates according to the individual wishes and needs of students. 

3. We provide a full set of teaching materials

He writes professional electronic and paper textbooks for automobile training by himself, and updates them regularly every year, so that students can always keep pace with the high-end technology of new energy and unmanned driving. Adhere to the principle of being close to the market, close to employment, close to the industry, and close to students.

4. We provide a full set of teaching equipment

The North Teaching Aids R&D Center has an automobile practice center of tens of thousands of square meters, independently developed nearly 1,000 national patents, and ingeniously built a high-quality platform for "production, teaching and research" in the field of smart cars; invested heavily in the construction of New Energy, hybrid vehicles and other vehicles Training Base.

5. Provide a full set of online courses

Relying on strong teachers and teaching resources, we carefully build a "smart vocational education" online course platform. A large number of high-quality video courses such as practical operation of new energy vehicles, common faults and maintenance of automobiles are all available, and video diagnosis and guidance of technical masters can guide car repairs, improve auto repair skills in all directions, mobile learning, and careers in the future!

6. We are responsible for building the website and promoting it

The North Teaching Aids R&D Center has a professional website construction and promotion team. With rich experience in online marketing and good cooperation advantages with major search engines, multi-channel promotion is carried out to effectively promote customers' products to the target market.

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