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Cutting Edge Technology in Training Solves Complex Challenges

Vehicles continue to play a crucial part in transport nowadays. In the early 1900s, there were more than 500 million cars worldwide. With the emergence of numerous car brands and competition for new energy vehicles, the automotive aftermarket faces a scarcity of competent workers. Automotive vocational colleges and training institutes are also growing rapidly.

New Energy Vehicle Training Zone

Automotive training institutions and universities with automotive programs face a difficult question: how to select automotive instructional equipment. Fine teaching equipment contributes to a more intuitive display, a reasonable selection of teaching instruments, and an increase in teaching efficiency in the automotive education process. In addition, cutting-edge teaching equipment helps learners achieve technology-related skills that are in limited supply and boost market competitiveness.

BYD EV Training Equipments

Beifang Teaching Aids R&D Institute (Beifang) has nearly 30 years of experience in the automotive teaching equipment industry. Beifang has a teaching aid model development center, a teaching management center, an international automotive industry development and exchange center, a European, American, Japanese, and Korean automotive research and development center, and an electronics research institute, which is the core research and development department of Beifang.

The Electronics Research Institute's Research and Development Centre for Teaching Aids and Models is China's only R & D and production base for automotive teaching aids and models, and the products are well known in China and overseas.

The Exhibition Hall of the Automotive Training Bench

Currently, Beifang’s self-developed products cover hundreds of models in five major vehicle series, including European, American, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. These products include electronic control test stands, full vehicle electrical plane models, ABS anti-lock models, automatic transmission models, automatic air conditioning models, air suspension models, anatomical models and other major categories. As a result of extensive experience in automotive education, the training bench in Beifang has greater experimental capability than a whole automobile due to its unique frame and proper mounting location.

Beifang Manufacturing Base is the assembly line workshop of automotive teaching aids with a large annual output in the teaching aid industry. It provides the services and products needed by secondary schools, universities and colleges, and vocational schools, from whole vehicles to parts. Beifang focuses on high-tech new energy models and works closely with Baidu, the China Automobile Research Institute, and Car Alliance.

Ceremonial Signing with the Vocational Education Union

Beifang combines research and development of automotive teaching aids, curriculum system design, teaching materials, online courses, teacher training, production, and sales into a single, all-in-one service that makes running a school easier.


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