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Introducing the Newest Innovation: Hydrogen-powered Vehicles

In response to the efforts of numerous nations to protect the environment, the automotive industry has become more receptive to new energy vehicles, stimulated by incentive policies. As a result, the new energy vehicle fleet is expanding, the aftermarket has an urgent need for new energy maintenance personnel, and major automotive schools and automotive training institutions have an urgent need for advanced new energy training equipment.

Over 1,000 Technical Patents

As a market leader in the automotive teaching aids industry, Beifang Teaching Aids Institute (Beifang) has developed nearly 1,000 national patents and been designated as a supplier of automotive skills assessment teaching aids, winning industry-wide acclaim. Due to their newness, novelty, uniqueness, and originality, new energy teaching aids of Beifang are rapidly capturing market share.

Training Bench for Hydrogen-powered Vehicle

Hydrogen vehicles are vehicles that use hydrogen as an energy source, converting the chemical energy produced by the hydrogen reaction into mechanical energy to propel the vehicle.The fuel cell process is based on a pressurized mixture of hydrogen and oxygen, which results in the output of fuel cell voltage, the dissipation of fuel cell heat, and the output of dynamic cell data streams.

Visitors from Industry Leading Companies

A big part of the hydrogen economy is the use of hydrogen fuel as a source of energy for transportation.The greatest benefit of using hydrogen as an energy source is that it reacts with the oxygen in the air and produces only water vapour, effectively reducing the air pollution problems caused by conventional petrol vehicles.

Automotive Training Tutorials

Beifang is committed to building a high-quality platform for "Industry, Education, and Research" in the field of intelligent vehicles, providing hundreds of secondary and higher vocational institutions with a complete set of customized training room solutions, free teacher training, teaching materials, supporting online courses, state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, and other services. Beifang has invested in a new energy vehicle experience centre to serve as a hub for education in automotive science.


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