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Introducing the BAIC EU5 Chassis Training Bench

Beifang Automotive Institute (Beifang) is an expert in R&D and the production of automotive education equipment. Its technical prowess, professional teaching aids and equipment, and quality service have set the benchmark in the industry of automotive teaching aids.

Production Lines

The BAIC EU5 chassis training bench is a new creation by Beifang, it’s designed and developed based on the proportion of the original vehicle's structure to meet vocational education assessment standards and practical training projects. In addition, it is compatible with Beifang multi-layered teaching platform, including battery management system (BMS), main positive contactor, temperature sensor, high-voltage relay, and fault-setting devices, data acquisition devices, and manuals etc.

The BAIC EU5 Chassis Training Bench

Contents of Practical Training include

1. Power battery pack detection and diagnosis.

2. Understanding and testing the fundamental structure of the battery management system (BMS).

3. Replacement and testing of power battery module.

4. Measuring the battery pack's voltage, current, and temperature through the diagnostic instrument.

5. Power-up logic and testing of high-voltage battery pack components.

The BAIC EU5 chassis training bench allows students to be assessed in a real-world environment. The purpose is to assess students' ability to analyze and solve practical problems, and to examine whether the knowledge and skills students should master meet the teaching requirements through the diagnosis process of a typical fault.

Beifang Research and Production Base

Beifang covers eight sections: the engine training room, transmission training room, the whole car electrical training room, comfort system training room, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi training room, new energy electric training room, hydrogen vehicle training room and automotive museum. In addition to a fully functional display and an effective teaching shock, the Beifang vehicle educational aids combines sound, light, and electricity into a single unit.


Success Case

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