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Exceptional Services in Beifang

Beifang Automotive Training Equipment Factory (Beifang) currently collaborates with over 780 domestic and international research institutions, universities, and automotive enterprises.Beifang not only manufactures a comprehensive selection of instruments, equipment, and model sets based on automotive brands and models, but also offers customization services.The cost of Beifang products is greatly reduced compared with the original imported equipment, and all equipment is unanimously recognized by its partners for its high technological content and unparalleled cost performance!

Beifang has its own service commitment and has been providing quality and flawless after-sales service in accordance with the following terms:

1. Free After-sales Services

● Delivery to designated points,

● Installation and commissioning,

● Technical support for automobiles

● Teaching Materials for middle and high school automobiles are provided

● Three-year warranty

● Lifelong maintenance

● Teacher training by certified auto repair instructors.

2. After-sales Service Response and On-site Arrival Time

● Response within 12 hours, 24 hours to make a plan, 48 hours to arrive.

● Free replacement of defective parts during the one-year warranty period.

● Free lifelong maintenance.

3. Technical Training Arrangements for Equipment

● Training plan for time, training personnel and training content.

● Employ professional instructors with an auto mechanic teaching certificate and an advanced level auto maintenance certification to provide free training.

● Training Contents: product structure, operations, routine maintenance,and troubleshooting.

4.Technicians, Equipment, Spare Parts Guarantee, and other Fees

Beifang only charge for parts after the warranty period. The parts fee is supplied at the purchase price.

Beifang has a great sales and after-sales service team that focuses on "genuine, premium, and high quality" and puts the customer first to provide high-quality services.


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