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Beifang Automotive Teaching Aids Group (Beifang) places a premium on the functionality, aesthetic appeal, and modernity of the automobile teaching equipment they produce. Hence, Beifang has a strict manufacturing process to ensure a high standard of products with a striking sense of technology, meeting the needs of automotive colleges and training institutions for automotive maintenance technology teaching and training.

Beifang Automotive Museum

Beifang Automotive Teaching Aids Group is comprised of the Teaching Aids R&D Institute, the Teaching Management Center, the Automotive Industry Development and Exchange Center, the European, American, Japanese, and Korean Automotive R&D Center, and the Electronics Research Institute, the core R&D division of Beifang. The Beifang Automotive Teaching Aids R&D Institute combines research and production, with its models of automotive teaching aids enjoying a high reputation in China and abroad.

Suspended Deconstruction of an BMW Car

Beifang’s products cover hundreds of models in five major vehicle series, including European, American, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese, including Electric Control Experiment Bench, Full Vehicle Electrical Plane Model, Abs Anti-Lock Model, Automatic Transmission Model, Automatic Air Conditioner Model, Air Suspension Model, Vehicle Anatomical Model, and other major categories. Beifang's production equipment is comprehensive, and its manufacturing expertise, frame, and reasonable installation position make the practical training bench’s experimental capability superior to that of the entire automobile.

Intelligent Driving Training Benches

Among its high-precision equipment is the Puris Hybrid System Training Bench, the Mercedes Motor Cutaway, and the Cruise Control Starter Anatomical Model, which leave many professionals in utter disbelief!

Whole Battery Pack Training Bench

In addition, Beifang's facilities are state-of-the-art and provide a comprehensive collection of instructional materials, free teacher training, and other services.Beifang aspires to have a greater impact on automotive technology education through students, institutes, vocational schools, and other partners.


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