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Maintenance electrician and senior technician skills training device

  Product name

  Maintenance electrician and senior technician skills training assessment device

  Model (Type)



  1. The electrical control circuit components are installed on the mounting board as a hanging board, which is easy to operate and replace, easy to expand functions or develop new training, and the selection of operation content is typical and practical;

  2. The console can be put into use only with three-phase four-wire AC power supply;

  3. The control circuit for skill training and the specially designed small motor can simulate various electrical driving systems in the factory, and can meet the technical requirements of the maintenance electrician's installation, debugging, fault analysis and elimination;

  4. The device is equipped with voltage and current leakage protectors, which can ensure the safety of the operator's life;

  5. All components are led to the terminals through wires, and students only need to wire on the terminals when wiring, which is beneficial to protect the components;

  6. Conduct wiring through the wiring slot and conduct process wiring training.

  7. It has a timing and alarm recorder, which provides a unified standard for the assessment of students' practical training skills.

  8. Use the current typical programmable controller and bus technology to complete the control training of the analog objects in industrial production, the logic, simulation, process, motion, etc. in the physical model, and complete the students' cognition, design, installation, debugging, and maintenance. and other skills training.

  9. Fieldbus-based configuration monitoring training teaching: Through the fieldbus network, the training device (slave) PLC and the master PLC are communicated 1:N. The PLC of the slave station runs the program of the control object. Using the centralized monitoring function of the industrial control network, the PLC of the master station can monitor any PLC of the slave station in real time, which meets the requirements of industrial field control. Students independently complete the control of various training objects through PLC, and perform configuration real-time monitoring (1:1 communication).

  10. Simulation training teaching: Real-time display of PLC running status through FLASH virtual environment, PLC wiring, error checking, programming training, programming testing and other functions can also be realized.


  Specification (Technical parameter)

  1. Input voltage: three-phase four-wire (or three-phase five-wire)~380V±10% 50Hz

  2. Working environment: temperature -10~+40℃, relative humidity <85%(25℃), altitude <4000m

  3. Device capacity: <1.5KVA

  4. Weight: 100Kg

  5. Dimensions: 1700×700×1630mm3

  6. Leakage protection action current: ≤30mA; leakage protection action time: ≤0.1s.

  Training contents

  1. Three-phase asynchronous motor direct start control circuit

  2. Three-phase asynchronous motor jog control circuit

  3. Three-phase asynchronous motor self-locking control circuit

  4. Three-phase asynchronous motor button interlocking forward and reverse control circuit

  5. Three-phase asynchronous motor contactor interlock forward and reverse control circuit

  6. Three-phase asynchronous motor double interlocking forward and reverse control circuit

  7. Three-phase asynchronous motor table automatic round-trip control circuit

  8. Sequence start and sequence stop control circuit of two three-phase asynchronous motors

  9. Two-site control circuit of three-phase asynchronous motor

  10. Y-△ control of contactor control

  11. Y-△ control of time relay control

  12. Three-phase asynchronous motor one-way start reverse braking control circuit

  13. Three-phase asynchronous motor transformerless half-wave rectification one-way starting energy consumption

  Brake control circuit

  14. Three-phase asynchronous motor with transformer full-wave rectification one-way starting energy consumption

  Brake control circuit

  15. Three-phase asynchronous motor forward and reverse start energy consumption braking control circuit

  16. Single-phase squirrel cage motor capacitor start control circuit

  17. Two-speed AC asynchronous motor manual variable speed control circuit

  18. Two-speed AC asynchronous motor automatic variable speed control circuit

  19. Y-△ start control circuit of power-off delay DC energy consumption braking

  20. Three-phase asynchronous motor forward and reverse energy consumption braking control circuit


  WX01 power supply, instrument control screen, laboratory table, training hanging box


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  • Baidu Apollo

  • Civil-Military Integration

  • Vocational education in Germany

  • International Education Union

  • Beijing Zhongzhi Beifang Education Technology

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