Frontier facilities and equipment

BeiFang teaching aids R & D center has 13000 square meters of automobile practice center, independently develops nearly 1000 national patents, and creatively creates a high-quality platform for "production, teaching and research" in the field of intelligent automobile; Spend a lot of money to build NewEnergy driverless, new energy, hybrid and other automobile training bases.

Provide a full set of teaching materials

Write their own electronic and paper textbooks for automobile training, and update them regularly every year, so that students can always keep pace with the high阿-end technology of new energy driverless. Adhere to the principle of being close to the market, employment, industry and students.

Free teacher training

The teaching method realizes the integration of technicians and students (mutual integration of teaching), posts and courses (integration of Posts and courses), resources and classrooms (integration of production and education). If the partner is short of teachers, the northern teachers will teach first, and the partner's teachers can take the post after training.

Massive online courses

Relying on strong teachers and teaching resources, we have carefully built an "intelligent vocational education" online course platform. A large number of high-quality video courses such as practical operation of new energy vehicles, common faults and maintenance of vehicles are available. The video diagnosis of technical experts guides vehicle repair, comprehensively improves vehicle repair skills, mobile learning and reaches the future!

Matching magic box video

Each teaching aid has a supporting content QR code. Just a simple sweep can transform the obscure professional terms into a vivid online video course for teachers, which is more conducive for students to understand and master the technical difficulties.

Hundreds of colleges and universities spread all over the country

  • North teaching aids closely follows the pace of the era of 5g smart car Internet connection, and has reached strategic partners with 100 high schools and vocational schools such as Baidu, China Automotive Research and 985 / 211.

  • Cooperation with Baidu driverless

  • Cooperation with China Automotive Research Institute

  • And 985 strategic school running of Jilin University

  • 211 and the strategic school running of Nanchang University

  • And 211 strategic school running of Inner Mongolia University

  • Zhengzhou Technician College

  • Liaocheng Technician College

  • Tibet Technician College

  • Yan'an vocational and Technical College

  • Fuyang Technician College

  • Guangyuan vocational high school, Sichuan

  • Tongliao Vocational College

  • Baiyin Industrial School

  • Chifeng Industrial Vocational and Technical College

  • Jiangsu Jiawang secondary vocational school

  • Yunnan Yuxi Industrial Finance and trade school

  • Xuchang Technician College

  • Baotou Light Industry Vocational Technical College

  • Beijing cuncunle Technology Co., Ltd

  • Binzhou Technician College

  • Bohai Shipbuilding Vocational College

  • Gansu Huabiao vocational training school

  • Handan Guangping vocational and technical school

  • Guangzhou Huafeng automobile industry technical school

  • Hebei Julu Vocational Education Center

  • Hebei Tourism Vocational College

  • Jizhou Vocational Education Center

  • Qingxian vocational and Technical Education Center

  • Ruzhou secondary vocational school

  • Shenxian vocational secondary school

  • Shida tools (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

  • Shouguang Vocational Education Center School

  • Sichuan Huaxin Modern Vocational College

  • Sishui vocational secondary schoo

  • Tiankun Wanbei economic and technical school

  • Wuzhi vocational and technical school

  • Tibet vocational and Technical College

  • Xing'an vocational and Technical College

  • Changzhi vocational and Technical College

  • Zhumadian vocational and Technical College

  • Zigong technical vocational school

Beijing Zhongzhi Beifang Education Technology

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